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About Jēkabs Kārkliņš

Mg.Sc.Ing Jēkabs KārkliņšAge: 25
Location: Riga, Latvia

Education:2007 – 2009 Faculty of Computer Science and Information Technology, RTU magister degree2002 -2004; 2007 – Faculty of Computer Science and Information Technology, RTU bachelaros degree2000 – 2002 Latvian Business and Management Academy1990 – 2002 Gaujiena gymnasiumWork Expierence:Web izstrāde Page Ltd (2007 - present)The Police Academy Of Latvia (2003 - 2005)Interests:Physics, MathObject Oriented ProgrammingWeb design3D programmingOther information:Member of the High IQ society MENSA, since 2007Drivers license: Yes

Everybody do SEO

These days, it's like everybody is doing SEO. Everyone is SEO expert or something. Well, it is ok if somebody is cleaning up the xHTML code and marking the important parts of semantics. But i recently discovered that there are lots of so called SEO experts who are selling information about "How to optimize web pages for search engines", they find with quick search in google itself. And then tooOrganisations who are not very familiar with IT, they sell this pdf crap for 100eur, and call it - 'SEO analysis for XYZ Inc web page'. And in the end - the document was not good written, simply copying and pasting the information about seo optimisation did not reach any of targeted goals. Yea.. and by the way, here is the link for very good busses and vans and stuff like that HAHAMikroautobusu noma.