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Why human talking to phone like to draw on the paper?

Some people like to draw on paper while talking to phone. Isn't it strange? Why do they like to do such a thing, I asked my self. In my opinion, there are two reasons for that.
First, having pen or pencil in hand makes them feel more relaxed. Because usually when speaking to phone talker is receiving important information, and it might be necessary to put down some notes. May it be addresses, dates or hard-to-remember numbers. Also, it is verbal information talker receives, and as soon as words are said, they disappear. Adding down notes allows them more effectively follow conversations.
Second, one needs to focus attention on information that is received by ears and ears only. All other senses, meanwhile, must be ignored. And to avoid information that is presented by eyes and usually is unrelated to what conversation companion says, talker draws something very unrelated to the paper and looks at his work without a lot of interest. The received information must to be filtered, too,…

New site launched -

Recently we finished

Site was designed for company which sells, sets up and consults clients about choosing the automatic doors that suits their needs the best. Company offers wide variaty of available products. Site features: Nice and clean designInteratcive menuAutomatic door in-action-animationsSEO optimized flash siteProduct galleryUser-centered design

Apollo new portal quick review

I had this wonderfull chance to test upcomming portal version. In this quick review I’ll start with some imperfections, and finish with some good words afterwards. Probably the most notable and most visible drawback is that portal design lacks flexibility. I really like some competitor portals, mainly because their designs are fluid and takes advantage of higher screen resolutions. This is how new portal design looks at Full High Definition resolution.
The code is not W3C valid. Although this is not extremely important, it usually shows, that coder cares about the code he writes, and is able to follow standards.I’ve tested portal loading performance for several times, and average complete site loading time was 10.5 seconds. So that could be faster. Latter site surfing performance is greatly improved when all of the files are loaded into browser cache, but still there are things to improve.One thing is that all JavaScript files that are loaded from one domain should be pack…

How to choose a good color palette

Colors are beautiful. The one who can not feel color made impressions, looses a lot. The colors and their internal relationships are very sensitive, and to find ones that look great together are very hard task to accomplish and only experienced artist can do that. Or maybe not? Today we will look through some of main color concepts which will let you find some nice color pairs or trios. One thing that’s important to note is that one color alone is boring, and is not making an effect. The magic relies in their relationships. You should start creating your palette by choosing two or three base colors from color wheel. Choosing more will lead in chaos. Choosing only one usually will be too boring. Of course there are cases, where using monotone is preferred, especially if you want to create a very relaxing atmosphere. Here are two colors i like.Here is online color wheel you can try out. If two colors are used as base, than it is a good idea to pick complimentary colors. Complimentary col…

What does http-equiv stands for?

Many web developers uses meta http-equiv tag, without solid understanding what does it means.
http-equiv stands for: hypertext transfer protocol equivalent and is equivalent to HTTP response header.
So putting:

<http-equiv="content-type" content="text/html; charset=UTF-8">
<META http-equiv="content-type" content="text/html; charset=UTF-8">

in HTML as meta TAG has the same effect as declaring HTTP response header

Content-Type: text/html; charset=utf-8

That is why they are called ‘equivalent’. It is recommended to use HTTP header over HTML http-equiv meta tags. Multiple headers with the same name may be present only if the values may be concatenated.

Tutorial. How to upload cat picture. Fun version.

In this tutorial, i will show you how to upload cat picture on any Pixaria image gallery. To do this I use tool called "Pixaria Gallery 2.3.5 Remote File Disclosure" which can be downloaded from wonderfull tool site called

Here is finished example. Take a look.

Software compatibility problems for Windows 7

Many times software developers for their product installation adds an OS version checks. OS version checks simply checks what version of OS user has, and in case their product is not fully tested on detected OS, installation is aborted. As Windows 7 for now is realively new OS, many older software, released prior to Windows 7 was announced, refuses to run on Windows 7, although they could run perfecty well, but because of OS version check failure, software can not be installed. To overcome this obsticle you need to simply run installation in compability mode. In most cases, what run on Windows Vista will run on Windows 7 as well.

Just right click installation file and select TroubleShoot compability. One such example is WinPcap.

Change interface language of Google webmaster

To change your Google webmaster interface language you need to set your browser language to whatever language is you need. Of course not the browser interface language, but the Accept-Languageheader browser sends. So, for example, this HTTP request to Google webmaster will return a Swedish versionGET /webmasters/ HTTP/1.1
Accept-Language: sv,lv;q=0.8,lv;q=0.6,lv;q=0.4,en;q=0.2But this is going to return an English oneGET /webmasters/ HTTP/1.1
Accept-Language: en,lv;q=0.8,lv;q=0.6,lv;q=0.4,en;q=0.2 Where to configure browser headers differs from browser to browser, but for chrome it is under Options->Change font and language settings.
I’m not sure that showing interface language based on headers is the best solution. I think much better would be if there was an option where to switch a language, just like it is for

Google webmaster and other Google product interface language

There is something that is driving me nuts about Google webmaster? It's that i can not change the interface language to English. No really, I’ve tried like a zillion times, but somehow I just can’t figure it out.
In Google products I always set English as my default language. I’ve even set that I live in U.K. so that Google do not dare to offer me Latvian. But somehow webmaster is different. It knows me. It knows me deep inside. It even scares me ;D.The reason why I prefer English over Latvian is pretty simple though – when the specific words are being translated into Latvian, in most cases text become unreadable, and I constantly need to think – now what's that word would be in English. Some examples include:Noildze – delay;Rādītājs - index;Iesūtne - inbox;Rāpuļprogramma - crawler;Not only words are confusing, but in many cases translation is ambiguous too. It can easily be seen, that translator did not take context into account. And today I was exceptionally upset, because I…

Hen shit on egg? WTF!

Look at these eggs. They are all with chicken shit. Now, I don’t mind to see that product is natural, but this thing is all over splashed with … you know – chicken shit. SHIT. Until now, whenever I bought eggs they always came clean. Unfortunately some sellers believe it is the way they can emphase that product is coming from nature. And another benefit for them is that they no longer need to wash their eggs before pack it and send it to stores. Who knows, maybe they even put some additional chicken shit on it. HAHA, but all this shit on it really disappointed me today, because it looks very fake. Like bad actor saying “I love you”, you know. It is absolutely incorrect that they allow all those shits be put on the shelf near other products. Who knows how many bacteria are there.

The Dark Knight- Joker Interrogation Scene Spoof


ASUS F5GL Install XP problem

This weekend I played around with newly bought ASUS F5GL.
Intel Core Duo Т2390;15.4″ WXGA;2048 MB RAM DDR2; NVIDIA GeForce 8200;250 GB SATA HDD;Integrated LAN, WiFi, Bluetooth, WEB cam and VGA out. Vista and Windows 7 installed like a charm, but XP and Knoppix initially refused to work on this system. Knoppix just silently hanged somewhere in the middle, but XP ended up with BoSD BSoD as soon as installation files were copied and setup should began. It threw out a message, that "A problem has been detected and windows has been shut down to prevent damage to your computer." And this is what you will get always if you try to install XP SP2 with default BIOS settings to ASUS F5GL. To resolve this issue you whether need to set SATA operational mode from Enhanced to Compatible in BIOS, or install drivers that will allow SATA host controller to use Enhanced mode. Enhanced mode is not all that useful as it sounds, so in most cases I recommend just to switch back to older Compatible…