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Your alter ego

Our DNA contains all our genetic material. But it contains more than that. It actually contains twice as much information what is used in our physical bodies for producing the proteins that makes what we are including our physical appearance.

Wouldn't it be interesting to know the other half of  the information our DNA contains?

Well, probably in not so far future it might be one of very exciting ways to spend couple of thousands of dollars to ask scientists to make up a real photo for your alter ego. The procedure could be quiet simple. You would sign the contract with the company that no information from your DNA would be given out to third parties and some other legal stuff. Then you would be guided to the laboratory where scientists would take a little blood from you to get some of your stem cells. Then scientists would extract the DNA from the stem cell and split each of the chromosomes into two chromatides. Now all that information would be read and uploaded to the computer,…