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Movies vs Dreams

When talking with someone about your dreams. Have you ever claimed that you don't know for sure what particular detail was about in your dream. For example, if dream is about travelling then you could say - "I don't know why, but we went back home". If you ever told someone that you do not know about the details in your dream, then you have lied at least for one time in your life (:.
This is because, we know exactly all the meanings, reasons and specific details in our dreams. The reason why we say - I don't know, can be various. Maybe the reason doesn't make much sense and when recalling your dream you suddenly feel confused and deny the reason. Like in the travelling dream example reason could be "We went home, because I needed to take a bath". Other reason might be because you feel ashamed for what you did in the dream and don't want to tell anybody.
I think, many of us associate dreaming a dream with watching a movie. In movies there almost …

Business and money

In this article I would like to talk about making business and earning a money. I am going to present new perspective on business making. It is good to have different perspectives in your mind while working on things, because different perspectives always work synergistic, what is good, of course.
Business making in traditional sense is starting with the idea and bringing together people and encouraging them to do things as you planed. In return providing them salary. The result of all your and your workers' actions is some kind of product or service, you are then trying to sell to someone who finds your product or service useful.
Basically in every business case you are having some kind of good, you are then trying to exchange for money. But what is money in the first place? Money is estimation for the good. With money, you can compare and value otherwise incomparable things.
Now, let's look at business making in a little different perspective. What if instead of exchanging y…

Love songs

Have you ever wonder why it is that most of the songs nowadays are about love. In particular loving opposite sex. In earlier centuries it was not such a dominant topic. If you look at classical music, then it rarely if ever has lyrics. And also the names of works are with no emotion attached to it. Like, Ludwig van Beethoven's 5th Symphony or Frédéric Chopin Prelude No. 7.
All of the love songs can be categorized in3 categories
1. category. A loves B, and B loves A back
For example Kelly Clarkson - A Moment Like This lyrics

Lyrics What if I told you it was all meant to be? Would you believe me, would you agree? Its almost that feeling that we've met before so tell me that you dont think Im crazy when I tell your love is here and now.
A Moment like this. Some people wait a lifetime for a moment like this. Some people search forever for that one special kiss. I cant believe its happening to me. Some people wait a lifetime for a moment like this.
Everything changes, but beauty remain…

Highest possible temperature.

In this article we will discuss the question "What is the highest temperature possible?" You might already know what is the lowest possible temperature. It is 0 degrees per Kelvin, or "absolute zero" as physic engineers usually call it. If looking at molecular level, than temperature is nothing more than molecule movement speed. In gases and liquids molecules or atoms are in constant movement. The higher temperature substance has, the faster molecules move in it.
When any substance temperature goes down to absolute zero, it means, that all molecules in substance do not move in respect to each other. In europe we use Celsius temperature scale, so when converting 0 degrees Kelvin to celsius it is -273.15C. Allrighty, that is freaking cold.
Now lets try to figure out - what is the maximum temperature possible.
It turns out that this question needs more constraints applied to it before question can be answered. First we will assume that molecules in substance are moving …