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Download Flash MX Actionscript 3 libraries

I know that at least 3 times i had had a headache with simply trying to find these common libraries online. It's like nobody has them. So common, jet trying to search "Download Flash MX ActionScript 3 libraries" in different combinations, will lead you to some stupid forums. So, yea, here you have them.Download Flash MX Actionscript 3 libraries

Frype Browser Game Development Conference

Last Thursday I attended in Frype organized conference for browser game developers. Obviously games make lot of income also for Frype, so they promote this as an exciting opportunity for game developers.

Frype taxes 50% of whatever game developer makes, for allowing to use portal users as game audience.

There are a number of successful games developed and published in Frype to show them as a good example, and encourage developers to make such a games to make an incredible money. But many more games just didn't conquer enough user sympathy and was not appealing enough to live for a period just to cover expenses spent for the game creation.

So in the near future, we can expect to see even more new games appearing in Frype.

Google translator can speak Latvian

In you can now translate any word to Latvian and click the little "Listen to the translation" button to the right of the translated word to actually hear, how the word should be pronounced

Baltic Cheerleader Championship

Something from yesterdays Baltic Cheerleader Championship.

Latvian girls were the most beautiful ones. Estonian girls were most elegant ones. Lithuanian girls were the most professional ones. High quality pictures please see at

Batic Drift Championat

Whuhuu... Something from yesterdays drift championat.