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Drupal first impressions

As of 2009 Drupal is one of the leading opensource CMS on the web.
Others worth mention would be Joomla and WordPress.

There are two ways actually to create a Drupal based web page.

Easy way. No programming skills required. Download drupal from the Extract contents onto your server public_html directory. Launch and follow the instructions provided. After installation successfully completes: the following things can be performed - Adding a content to web site - Installing additional modules, wich can be downloaded from drupal module download page - Choose from existing themes from drupal theme page
Advanced way At heart drupal contains a very a flexible module system. Module system not only provides scaleability, but also code reusability and structured manner into which the whole system is developed. And because developers share their modules, it really speeds up web site development. Because it's like code reusing among whole community. Code sha…

Difference between software architecture and design pattern

If you are like me, then time to time you wish there would be a site, where you could find the key differences between all two similar terms. Sometimes it's driving me nutts, when i know the deffinitions of both terms, but still i can't tell the difference.

Today again i stubled against the question - what is the difference between software architecture and design pattern. So - it turns out the answer is as follows.

"Software archecture is used in more abstract sense, talking about components of software and relationships between them, whereas programming design pattern is a programming style which might be used by programmer to achieve some particular benifit".

Most of the times the benifit programmer gains is reduced complexity and scaleability.

Hope this helps.