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Left/Right brain conflict

Here is one tricky task called "Left-Right conflict"

Look at the chart and say the COLOR, not the word.

Your right brain tries to say the color, but your left brain insists on reading the word.

Humans are not designed to work - humans are designed to invent #2

I must point out that ideas expressed in my first article "Humans are not designed to work - humans are designed to invent" are not mine. They belong to cofounder of Venus Project Jacque Fresco.

Jacque Fresko is highly intelligent 93 old man self-educated industrial designer, social engineer, book author, lecturer, futurist and inventor. He creates the visual look and functional design of future buildings, as they would look like, if civilization would start use resource based economy instead of money based economy and technologies would be priority number one.

It must be pointed out, that he designs the buildings and cities to meet both - visually appealing design and technological rationale requirements.

Find all world countries

Lilly is american girl, almost 2 years old. She can barely speak, but she knows locations of all world counties. Please see 'Lilly - the map genius' video here.

Well, that really surprised me, because I can not understand where that little human finds a will to learn that kind of information. May it be the appreciation from her parrents she wants to gain?
Anyways, i thought – well... if 2 years old kid, can learn all world country locations, how long it will take me to learn (;. And, to be honest, it took me two evenings. I was very close to do it on one evening. But even in the begining of second, there was some contries i could not locate.
So here is a game where you need to locate world countries. In this video I find all of 20 randomly picked countries, 3 times in a row. Yea, i am at least as smart as Lilly is (;

Melodic Piano Music - Summer Nights

Here is another little melodic piano tune.
By the way, all of my music videos now are listed in my youtube channel
Check it out if you want some more (;

Melodic Piano Music - Opelascent

Yet another one saturday work. Enjoy (;

Humans are not designed to work - humans are designed to invent

Humans are not nor meant, nor designed to work. Human always tends to seek for shortcuts, and how to do work with less effort. Some of tasks are completely ignored because of our inherited laziness. While our bodies are capable to accomplish minor exercises, much greater things can be accomplished only using technologies. Humans are not designed to work - humans are designed to invent. A lot of jobs today are completely unnecessary, and should be eliminated for the goodness of human race and civilization it composes. All of unnecessary jobs can be divided into two categories.
First category of unnecessary jobs. Jobs that can be completely replaced by technologies. Microprocessors are cheap today. And it is quite easy to implement any logic and high level complexity algorithms into mechanisms, that will do the exercises. This include jobs such as: sellers, knitters, house/office cleaners, barmans, builders, millers, confectioners, bakers and many others. All of these could be replaced by t…