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Outlook 2007 security warning

If you have the following warning in Outlook express 2007, that says
The server you are connected to is using a security certificate that cannot be verified
The target principal name is incorrect
- View Certificate
Do you want to continue using this server?
- Yes / No
Please, try the folowing. Click on View certificate. Check the value Issued to:. My, for example, was Then open Tools->Account settings and verify that corresponding account is connecting to the same domain as certificate is issued to. My for example was, hence the problem. Even though both domains point to the same IP address they are not equal, hence the warning.

The color of emotion

Emotions, just like colors, can live in us in wide variety and each and everyone of them, just like colors, has it's own beauty. It is important that they vary, because it makes our lives more colorful.

We are responsible for the ones that we’ve tamed