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Movies vs Dreams

When talking with someone about your dreams. Have you ever claimed that you don't know for sure what particular detail was about in your dream. For example, if dream is about travelling then you could say - "I don't know why, but we went back home". If you ever told someone that you do not know about the details in your dream, then you have lied at least for one time in your life (:.
This is because, we know exactly all the meanings, reasons and specific details in our dreams. The reason why we say - I don't know, can be various. Maybe the reason doesn't make much sense and when recalling your dream you suddenly feel confused and deny the reason. Like in the travelling dream example reason could be "We went home, because I needed to take a bath". Other reason might be because you feel ashamed for what you did in the dream and don't want to tell anybody.
I think, many of us associate dreaming a dream with watching a movie. In movies there almost …

Business and money

In this article I would like to talk about making business and earning a money. I am going to present new perspective on business making. It is good to have different perspectives in your mind while working on things, because different perspectives always work synergistic, what is good, of course.
Business making in traditional sense is starting with the idea and bringing together people and encouraging them to do things as you planed. In return providing them salary. The result of all your and your workers' actions is some kind of product or service, you are then trying to sell to someone who finds your product or service useful.
Basically in every business case you are having some kind of good, you are then trying to exchange for money. But what is money in the first place? Money is estimation for the good. With money, you can compare and value otherwise incomparable things.
Now, let's look at business making in a little different perspective. What if instead of exchanging y…

Love songs

Have you ever wonder why it is that most of the songs nowadays are about love. In particular loving opposite sex. In earlier centuries it was not such a dominant topic. If you look at classical music, then it rarely if ever has lyrics. And also the names of works are with no emotion attached to it. Like, Ludwig van Beethoven's 5th Symphony or Frédéric Chopin Prelude No. 7.
All of the love songs can be categorized in3 categories
1. category. A loves B, and B loves A back
For example Kelly Clarkson - A Moment Like This lyrics

Lyrics What if I told you it was all meant to be? Would you believe me, would you agree? Its almost that feeling that we've met before so tell me that you dont think Im crazy when I tell your love is here and now.
A Moment like this. Some people wait a lifetime for a moment like this. Some people search forever for that one special kiss. I cant believe its happening to me. Some people wait a lifetime for a moment like this.
Everything changes, but beauty remain…

Highest possible temperature.

In this article we will discuss the question "What is the highest temperature possible?" You might already know what is the lowest possible temperature. It is 0 degrees per Kelvin, or "absolute zero" as physic engineers usually call it. If looking at molecular level, than temperature is nothing more than molecule movement speed. In gases and liquids molecules or atoms are in constant movement. The higher temperature substance has, the faster molecules move in it.
When any substance temperature goes down to absolute zero, it means, that all molecules in substance do not move in respect to each other. In europe we use Celsius temperature scale, so when converting 0 degrees Kelvin to celsius it is -273.15C. Allrighty, that is freaking cold.
Now lets try to figure out - what is the maximum temperature possible.
It turns out that this question needs more constraints applied to it before question can be answered. First we will assume that molecules in substance are moving …

Blogging engine

There are new blogging engine in Latvia, called Just created one blog called Only thing I wonder about is why so few people are using it. It is a good service and absolutely for free. They just need to have little more popularity. "Izglāb valsti - kļūsti par prostitūtu"The latest project.

Yes! I won.

Recently I won on Garnier Pure flash game. As a flash developer I know that most of flash games, which require agility to button pushing on keyboard, are almost impossible to keep safe. I mean, almost impossible to keep cheaters out. According to results I saw, there were several more flash developers playing this game. But yes - also I won a prize.

Restore Search Companion after instant search install

In windows XP, when you install instant search, it automatically changes your explorer default search companion to Windows Desktop Search pane. Windows desktop search pane has always a little link on the bottom called "click here to use search companion", with a little doggy down there (; that will bring up the default search pane. However it might get very annoying pretty quickly and also, since it will bring up a new window, the browsing history will be gone. So long story short, If you want to restore default search, simply start run "regedit" and change this value HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Microsoft\Windows Desktop Search\DS\ShowStartSearchBand to 0

Download Flash MX Actionscript 3 libraries

I know that at least 3 times i had had a headache with simply trying to find these common libraries online. It's like nobody has them. So common, jet trying to search "Download Flash MX ActionScript 3 libraries" in different combinations, will lead you to some stupid forums. So, yea, here you have them.Download Flash MX Actionscript 3 libraries

Frype Browser Game Development Conference

Last Thursday I attended in Frype organized conference for browser game developers. Obviously games make lot of income also for Frype, so they promote this as an exciting opportunity for game developers.

Frype taxes 50% of whatever game developer makes, for allowing to use portal users as game audience.

There are a number of successful games developed and published in Frype to show them as a good example, and encourage developers to make such a games to make an incredible money. But many more games just didn't conquer enough user sympathy and was not appealing enough to live for a period just to cover expenses spent for the game creation.

So in the near future, we can expect to see even more new games appearing in Frype.

Google translator can speak Latvian

In you can now translate any word to Latvian and click the little "Listen to the translation" button to the right of the translated word to actually hear, how the word should be pronounced

Baltic Cheerleader Championship

Something from yesterdays Baltic Cheerleader Championship.

Latvian girls were the most beautiful ones. Estonian girls were most elegant ones. Lithuanian girls were the most professional ones. High quality pictures please see at

Batic Drift Championat

Whuhuu... Something from yesterdays drift championat.

Name day party

In some european countries people not only celebrate their birthday, but also there is one special day in the year for their names. The event is called - name day. Event though, in my country inhabitants officially celebrate this day, i prefer to not. But, i can not change my friends, so i usually participate in their name days.
Last saturday my friend has one. So we headed to his town to celebrate. It was great party, and even though I can not truly understand the reason for celebrating name, i think this is one more reason to remeber about friends.

Gaujiena Special Boarding School

Recently I finished one Joomla based web page for Gaujiena Special Boarding School. The Boarding School is located in my home town, where I was born. This school serves children with special needs, such as hearing, seeing disabilities and/or learning disabilities. Also those, who are coming from adverse families

The site was build for minimum cost, and i spend a little more my free time, to make everything as usable as i could. Site also features some flash elements, and Google maps API.

I also did spend some time to create useful video help files, so that site administrator could understand everything in Joomla administration panel, which, in some cases, might otherwise be confusing.

I stand with Adobe

The recent war between Adobe and Apple reached a breaking point on April 8, 2010, when Steve Jobs not only recommitted to never allowing Flash to run on the iPhone or iPad, but even banning Adobe's new Flash-to-iPhone C compiler, which was supposed to have its glorious release party on Saturday, April 10.

There is no longer any debate as to who the "bad guy" is in this story -- Apple has proven themselves to be anti-competition, anti-developer, and anti-consumer.

I stand with Adobe.

Join the “I’m with Adobe” Facebook group.

Economic and culture Institute doors open day

This morning we went to Economic and culture Institute doors open day.

This institute provides I think 8 education programs. We were interested in Interior Design, and I, particularly, was also interested in Business Management. Business Management is 2 year master's degree program, for students, that has already graduated some university. This program is intended for those, willing to learn, how to manage their own businesses. Sound's like exactly for me.

Yes, but mainly today we focused on Interior Design studies. I must admit, it was best doors open day, I’ve ever been to. In the end, they also made lottery for everybody that came to this event, and winners got 5 flash 2GB memory cards, 2 Nokia Cell phones, and main prize - BMW car keys for one weekend.

Simply perfect, what else I can say.

New Businessmen Forum 2010

At very late Friday evening, 16.apr. 2010, event called "New Businessmen forum 2010" was held on Sapņu fabrika . The idea for this forum was originally made by Normunds Teteris. He thought that successful businessman could present their businesses for interested audience. Presenters would tell how their businesses started and developed over last few years. And all this could be done in Pecha Kucha like presentation style. Pecha Kucha Night events consist of around a dozen presentations, each presenter having 20 slides, each shown for 20 seconds. Each presenter has just 6 minutes 40 seconds to explain their ideas before the next presenter takes the stage. (wikipedia)

So yea. I was there, and although overall impression was not bad, some of presentations looked more like a free advertisement for their businesses. Well, not actually *FREE*, because an audience has to pay a little entrance fee.

Mysterious skies

This Saturday afternoon, we went to the Baltic Sea at Jurmala. Unusual thing I noticed there was that sky right above our heads were with less saturation, as sky near the horizon. Usually near at horizon sky becomes less saturated, but this day everything was right oposite.

At first, we were unable to find explanation for this phenomena, but latter this day I found out that there was volcanic eruption in Iceland few days ago. And microscopic particles were forming considerable clouds over the Latvia skies, and this caused phenomena to happen.

So, yea… Unfortunately I did not take a good photo for you to see the difference.

How many water molecules are there in the glass of water?

How many water molecules are in a glass of water?
This glass is filled with 200 ml water. That is 0,2 l of water. First, to get started, we need to convert volume to mass. Since 1l water equals 1kg water, then our 200 ml glass is filled with 0.2 kg water. In school chemistry probably in 8th grade there was a term Mole. Mole is a unit and it measures number of molecules. One mole has 6.0221415×1023 molecules in it. And another term is molar mass. The molar mass of an element is the atomic weight in grams per mole. In other words molar mass states - how much does one mole of particular substance weight.
The molar mass for distilled water is 18 g/mol or converting to kg, it is 0,018 kg / mol.
So, now lets do some calculations. First, let's calculate - how many moles of water there are in the glass.
Moles = mass / molar mass = 0,2 kg / (0,018 kg/mol) = 11.11 moles
And then, let's calculate how many molecules there are in the 11.11 moles Number of molecules = number of mols * molecules in o…

It Starts With Insanity

Hey, it's not lame. Its joyful. Have fun. :)

Haircheck. Check!

Unfortunately ido not own amirror. This is astandart hairchecking procedure.

EsReVeRsE - Stars At Night


This night was the coldest in this year

This night was the coldest this year in Latvia. 33 below 0. Yea. I don't know exact temperature it was on Riga, though, where i live. But this is how i dress today. You see. I know I look... let's just say - funny, but the least thing i want is my face to get frost-bitten. This might just be one more reason, why Latvia is the best country on the world. No, not the coldness, but me bringing new fashion trends to the streets. Today i heard two birds talking. Two crows, you know big, black birds that stay in Latvia during winters. One of them told that it's enough. Next year they will join storks when leaving Latvia, and will never return here again.


While I was busy at work tonight only later this morning I discovered that other side of building was on fire. This morning when i went home i took a picture. It is Noliktavas 3 street.

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Google donates 20 000 000 000 $ for better world

I know these are old news, but still I think it is worth to post.
Google has donated 20 000 000 000 $ as a Christmas gift to variety of non-profit organizations world wide. Here is list of lucky organizations:
Feeding AmericaBoys and Girls ClubsSmile TrainCARE, Mothers MatterWorld Wildlife Fund, Natural Capital ProjectMobile CrechesPrajwalaHEAL AfricaAfrican Institute for Mathematical SciencesThe Mango TreeNational Center for Missing and Exploited ChildrenHarlem Children's ZoneSave the Children, Latin America focusReporters Without BordersWitnessLoud Against NazisGlobal VoicesUshahidiSave the Children, Middle East and Eurasia focusGrupo Cultural Afro ReaggaeAshesi University College, GhanaPrathamAustralian Indigenous Mentoring ExperienceShin Shin Educational FoundationTzu Chi FoundationThose organizations fight for nobel goals like minify poverty, spread education ir poor countries, advocate human rights and other freedoms. Check what Shin Shin Educational Foundation does in this vi…

Clevver Movies

Have you ever wanted to know what movies will hit cinema screens in near future, like a few months from now? See the trailers and read user comments on them? Now it all can be done simply by subscribing to ClevverMovies Youtube channel. Two handsome woman are introducing just announced movies, that will hit theaters in a 2 months or more.
Quality of this channel is great, i bet my boots :). Just go and check it out yourself.