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This night was the coldest in this year

This night was the coldest this year in Latvia. 33 below 0. Yea. I don't know exact temperature it was on Riga, though, where i live. But this is how i dress today. You see. I know I look... let's just say - funny, but the least thing i want is my face to get frost-bitten. This might just be one more reason, why Latvia is the best country on the world. No, not the coldness, but me bringing new fashion trends to the streets. Today i heard two birds talking. Two crows, you know big, black birds that stay in Latvia during winters. One of them told that it's enough. Next year they will join storks when leaving Latvia, and will never return here again.


While I was busy at work tonight only later this morning I discovered that other side of building was on fire. This morning when i went home i took a picture. It is Noliktavas 3 street.

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Google donates 20 000 000 000 $ for better world

I know these are old news, but still I think it is worth to post.
Google has donated 20 000 000 000 $ as a Christmas gift to variety of non-profit organizations world wide. Here is list of lucky organizations:
Feeding AmericaBoys and Girls ClubsSmile TrainCARE, Mothers MatterWorld Wildlife Fund, Natural Capital ProjectMobile CrechesPrajwalaHEAL AfricaAfrican Institute for Mathematical SciencesThe Mango TreeNational Center for Missing and Exploited ChildrenHarlem Children's ZoneSave the Children, Latin America focusReporters Without BordersWitnessLoud Against NazisGlobal VoicesUshahidiSave the Children, Middle East and Eurasia focusGrupo Cultural Afro ReaggaeAshesi University College, GhanaPrathamAustralian Indigenous Mentoring ExperienceShin Shin Educational FoundationTzu Chi FoundationThose organizations fight for nobel goals like minify poverty, spread education ir poor countries, advocate human rights and other freedoms. Check what Shin Shin Educational Foundation does in this vi…

Clevver Movies

Have you ever wanted to know what movies will hit cinema screens in near future, like a few months from now? See the trailers and read user comments on them? Now it all can be done simply by subscribing to ClevverMovies Youtube channel. Two handsome woman are introducing just announced movies, that will hit theaters in a 2 months or more.
Quality of this channel is great, i bet my boots :). Just go and check it out yourself.