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His own rating


Javascript beautifier

Sometimes it is necessary to Un-obfuscate javascript code, to be able to understand the logic behind some *.js file. Very often coders obfuscate the JavaScript files, removing tabs, whitespaces and change variables to meaningless letters, thus making it hard to read the code and understand the logic. The example is Google analytics code (ga.js). Most likely they obfuscated the code concerning the file size. However, there is a wonderful that can be used to add nice paddings and whitespaces for functions, if/else statements, for loops, etc.


Some of the craziest people in Latvia? Oh, I believe there will be better videos in future. However, this is a good start. Check it out!
Dullais desmitnieks


Once you will be honest to others... once lie will bother you no more.... once you will feel no pain and no sorrow... once all thoughts in your mind will have it's own place... you will be able to overcome the disturbing noise in your mind... and be happy for what you are...

Mind Autonomy

Have you ever been surprised while you are asleep? Have you ever thought that something must be different in your dream as it is? Have you ever not be able to do something in your dreams? Like run perhaps?
While we sleep, we are not interacting with outer world. Everything, what we experience, happens in our mind. So, how can there be any surprises in our mind? How can something be different in our mind than we thought? How can our mind not support what we want?
The answer probably is not an easy one, but it certainly shows that our mind is working even without our participation.
So cooperate!


I haven't posted there anything lately, mainly because i was busy in the work. I have a free evening tonight, though. So what did I do? (;.
I've checked a little more about 3D Max 2010. User interface has become more user friendly, new navigation tools, video help for beginners and so on and so forth. Here is some 20-minute work. Fish oil bottle? What The Heck ? ;D

Charming creature on my desk