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Why do some peeps dislike Hijabs

Human rights and freedoms in Europe has deep roots. Many citizens, especially the youngest ones, take that for granted. Everyone is free to choose his/her religion and express their own opinion, wear clothes to express their personality without fear of discrimination.  Even for all that being true, many of old Europe citizens feel dislike when they see Hijabs. In France Hijabs are banned from schools.
So here is why I think we dislike Hijabs. Muslim woman is wearing Hijab because the God made an obligation for them to do so. And if they wear the Hijab, they are pure inside and God likes and helps them. So indirectly that implies that woman who do not wear  Hijab are dirty and impure. Woman dressing normally might feel insulted by those who wear Hijab and thus they feel dislike.
I really see there no problem. Woman should be wearing whatever she feels comfortable in. If it is Hijab she feels comfortable in - let it be Hijab. Even thought I highly doubt Hijab is  comfortable  in hot su…

Future of education

Education is evolving continuously as civilization matures. The first university opened more than thousand years ago. There are new experimental teaching methods purposed all the time. For example Khan Academy is purposing teaching through watching videos. The idea stands behind one Indian men Khan, who is exceptionally good teacher. He makes math, physics, history, biology and other science classes fun, interesting to listen, easy understandable, so he has recorded thousands of videos himself teaching all these classes. Could that be the future of education? Well, i really doubt so, because Khan is not trying to monetize his project. It is however a very good supplement to the current education system.

Now, let me tell what I think future education will look like. Kids wont carry heavy bags around, but they will be replaced with tablets. That is obvious, one tablet can carry more than hundreds of bags and is less heavy. Most of test will be replaced by automated electronic tests. Th…