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MySQL change root password

To change the root password for the database in linux you use mysqladmin utility. The parameters you need to pass are:-u root the username used for logging in. In this case we want to be root obviously -p'currentPassword' the password for logging in. Notice there are no space between p and quote. password newPassword define the new password.
So for example: mysqladmin -u root -p'myoldpassword' password mynewpassword

Outlook 2007 certificate install

A time ago a wrote how to solve the certificate issue in Outlook 2010 . I was explaining how to set up Outlook 2010 with your own POP3 server in case you are using SSL authentication with self made certificate. While in Outlook 2010 you just needed to install your certificate, on Outlook 2007 the process for adding certificate is bit more complex so follow these steps to add your own created certificate to trusted publishers on windows machine.

Start->run, or +R

type "mmc" and hit enter

On opened window choose File->Add/Remove Snap-In...

From Availbale Snap-Ins select Certificates and click Add

In new window choose Computer Account, press next

Select Local computer: (the computer this console is running on)

Click Finish, and click Ok

Expand the folder Colsole Root->Certificates->Trusted root certification

Right click on Certificiates, select All Tasks->import and now you need to import your SSL certificate.

The easiest way to get your certificates is by saving it from t…