Your body is designed to fail

As much as we want to believe that we function as an individual and there is a concrete border around of who you are and the ouside world, in order to fully understand ourselves we need to recognize that we are part of something bigger. Most of us understand that evolution favours those more fit. One might falsly conclude that therefore everything in your body should help you to succeed. But that is exactly wrong, because we are social species and your body will sabotage you if it believes your success not in the intererst for the succcess of your species. These mechanisms are programmed deep into each individual. Most notable and obvious is the death. Serves no good for you, but is an essential tool for species to addapt over time and evolve in the resource scarse world. There are also less extreme examples than death. Lets look at an example when one is feeling uncertain and indecisive and is put on a spot that has others attention. In old days that could be a tribe leader that could

Green juice recipe

Prerequisites For having best results you have to have juicer machine. Basically any juicer that can harness juice from carrots will be good for preparing green juice from ingredients in this article. For example I'm using relatively cheep one from Cook & Baker. Ingredients 1 cup (200 ml) spinach (tightly pressed) 1 apple ½ lemon (peeled) ½ cucumber ½ inch (~1.25 cm) ginger ½ cup (100 ml) of water This will give you approximately 1 cup (200 ml) of green juice. Preparation Pass all the ingredients through the juicer the last being water so that more juice ends up in your juice collector and less of it remains in juicer. Enjoy this healthy beverage!

Cookie law. Good intentions, bad implementation

Cookie law requires websites to place a confirmation notice if the website is using cookie technology. The "Cookie", in essence, is bit of data that websites store in browser. All browsers has to support it, because it is defined in web standards. On one hand, cookie functionality enables better site experience. On the other hand, it can be used to track users without them knowing. The idea behind the law is to make users aware that this website is storing information into their browsers. However the solution of making every website in the world implement the dialogue is... let me see how can i put it - unrealistic Much better solution would be making browsers to implement this functionality. Here is a list of reasons why: If browsers are implementing this functionality users would be given possibility to opt out if they really don't want to be informed (YAY to that) If website is using cookies, browser knows about it, and therefore will show the notice on ALL

What is Nem-Ejendomsmægler?

Nem-Ejendomsmægler Nem-Ejendomsmægler is a real estate agency that specializes on slowing things down. Inviting  Nem-Ejendomsmægler into your real estate deals multiplies the timefactor. Workers come to work late, but they compensate it by leaving early. Their main role in the deal is receiving and spending your money. Working with the company is like working with a donkey. You would rather do it yourself if you had a power, instead you trick the company to do their work, like you trick the donkey with a carrot. I recommend their service if you have no idea what to do with your money, are fan of frustration and are famous for your inexhaustible patience. ~one of their "happy" customers.

Reality FPS. The granularity of the time.

So this post will calculate theoretical minimal time length that is required to render the physical universe. You see, if universe is guided by laws of physics and physics is guided my mathematics, then there has to be smallest unit of space and smallest unit of time, in order to render the universe. Why, you ask? Otherwise it's getting very complicated if you can scale things down indefinitely. And as for what we know, universe in it's nutshell is simple and elegant. That being said, you can imagine 3d world around us being composite of tiny 3d cubes, each of which containing binary or composite value, meaning that we don't know if it's 0 (zero) / 1 (one) , or a set of variables (a,b,c...n). But that's ok, if we don't have to know precisely, because we can still calculate minimal time length. In each iteration over time you make each tiny cube interact with all neighbor cubes. As they do interact, they change themselves and other cubes around it. This wa

Is universe infinite?

The short answer is we don't know for sure, but most likely it isn't. And todays most popular theories will suggest that it isn't. So is there a border somewhere? Well, according to the big bang theory, there is a border, but not only for matter. Big bang theory suggest that universe is expanding it's space-time, So imagine a glass full of water. Now answer the question - What's in the glass? Well.. one could say the glass is full with water. Correct! Now empty the glass and ask again, what's in the glass? Well now one could say the air is in the glass. Now imagine we pump out all the air that's in the glass. Now what's in the glass? Well one can clearly see that light shines though the glass, so light is in the glass? Correct. Now you cover the glass so light can't get though. What is now in the glass? You are absolutely correct - the space is in the glass. And it's that space that's expanding. According to Einstein space is directly tied

Learn Actors Quiz Game

So i finished the Learn Actors Quiz game . I had more than 300 downloads but Google Play reviewer decided to suspend it. So I needed to do adjustments and publish it again as a new app. Therefore I lost all the ratings. Nevertheless I also removed in app purchases so now all the content inside the game is free. I also added quiet a few nice updates. Will see how it progresses in cumming months.