Cookie law. Good intentions, bad implementation

Cookie law requires websites to place a confirmation notice if the website is using cookie technology. The "Cookie", in essence, is bit of data that websites store in browser. All browsers has to support it, because it is defined in web standards. On one hand, cookie functionality enables better site experience. On the other hand, it can be used to track users without them knowing.

The idea behind the law is to make users aware that this website is storing information into their browsers. However the solution of making every website in the world implement the dialogue is... let me see how can i put it - unrealistic

Much better solution would be making browsers to implement this functionality.

Here is a list of reasons why:
  1. If browsers are implementing this functionality users would be given possibility to opt out if they really don't want to be informed (YAY to that)
  2. If website is using cookies, browser knows about it, and therefore will show the notice on ALL websites using the technology. This would cover 100% websites with one go, and not rely on site owners to remember implementing the confirmation dialogue.
  3. It will save wast amount of development resources spent on building solutions for every website. Just imagine how many websites there are versus how many browsers there are. It will also save wast amount of controlling resources that monitor if the websites are following the law 
  4. Having information about cookies presented in the same manner for all websites would it make easier for users to perceive the information. It's much better than each website coming up with their own text and formatting.
  5. Solutions in browser can be made to show what information exactly is stored in browser, so user can make better decision. It gives me no value to know that website is storing something somewhere. However if I see that website is saving information about me that I'm not comfortable with, It might actually be useful and I might decide to not visit the website any more.
  6. It is easy to control which users should see the message and which not. The browser would just need to know if the user is in the affected territory (EU) or not.


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