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Package delivery bad practices

I'm not sure why this is practicing in Denmark, but packages are simply dropped at you doorstep, if you are not home. Thieves are my main concern but there could be other factors which would cause package to be damaged. Say, if one orders a some electronics product for Christmas, and because of some delay package is delivered after he have left for 2 week vacation then for two weeks his electronics will be target for thieves, animals or bad weather conditions. And when he comes back - who is to blame?

I'm living in a house at third floor and we don't have any locks, in spite of that, last Friday, I found parts for my computer laying at my doorstep.

Few months ago I ordered charger for laptop, which never arrived. I contacted the seller, and he responded that package has been sent out, and asked me to contact Danish post. I contacted post they said that they can not help and told to contact seller. But I already did that. So at the end of the day seller refunded me money.