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What is the difference between conjecture and hypothesis?

Similarities. Both of them are statements based on observations, that seem to be true, but have not been proved or disproved jet.

Differences. As explained in G.Pólya and L.Bowden book "Mathematical methods in science", difference is in level of credibility that explanation is based on. Hypothesis is testable, and explanation is based on accepted grounds. Conjecture is proposition based on inconclusive grounds, and sometimes can not be fully tested.
Another difference is that conjectures, unlike hypothesis, are used in math. Hypothesis usualy are used elsewhere. If conjecture is proven, it becomes a theorem. Still, the border between two terms remains blurry, and terms sometimes are used as synonyms. For example in math there is a conjecture called 'Riemann hypothesis', which correctly should be called ‘Riemann conjecture’.

Aspects if life

The adventure of life is to learn.

The purpose of life is to grow.

The nature of life is to change.

The challenge of life is to overcome.

The essence of life is to care.

The opportunity of life is to serve.

The secret of life is to dare.

The spice of life is to befriend.

The beauty of life is to give.

No big deal

No big deal is a movie studio. As companies novadays are cutting their budgets down on advertising, No big deal was created as subsidiary company for StyleMaster studio - famous and well known for their good quality movies . No big deal however, is targeted for clients with less paying capacity, and is offering years of expierence and specialists same as StyleMaster studio, but because using smaller equipment offers are much cheaper.

TV reklāma

Will 1 kg gold weight the same after many years?

Here is an interesting thing about any matter on the world. For example gold. If you own 1kg gold now. Than after a thousand years you will own a little more than 1kg. Surprised? Don't be. Here is an interesting and tottaly useless facts you never will need to know. But still, it just came into my mind recently.

Sun - the star of our galaxy is producing enormous amount of energy, right? Each second 600 000 000 tons of hydrogen atoms are smashed together with such a speed, that those atoms make 595 000 000 tons of helium atoms. Now the missing 5 000 000 tons are transformed into light energy. Yes. It's funny. 5 000 000 tons of light. No kidding. 
And eventually small portion of all this light hits earth surface causing the earth to grow. 
Obviously after many, many years earth mass will be bigger, and thus the gravity it causes also will be bigger. So the very same 1 kg you own now will be heavier on planet earth.
If i had some free time i would really like to do some math here. Fo…

What is "impossible triangle"? (In business)

Impossible triangle, in business, is triangle that describes any good or service that is provided by any company. And it states that three values Quality, Speed and Price can not all be combined into one offer. One MUST be sacrificed.
Either product will be delivered fast and in good quality, but it will cost more. Either it will be in good quality, cheap, but it will be delivered in ordinary time. Or maybe it will be fast, cheap but the quality will be sacrificed. I heard, from one Harvard's graduate, this is what they learn in first semester, in business school. I think this is what i learned in first week in 'life school'.

What is the color of mirror?

The reason why mirror reflects all of the light beams in the same angle as light beams hit mirror surface is because mirrors are perfectly flat. And because all light reflects from mirror maintaining it's original angle, image is perfectly reflected and reconstructed.  All objects absorbs all light waves that hits it, except the lightwaves with color into which an object is itself. For example EU flag will absorb green, red, pink, orange, etc., but will reflect blue light waves. One exception needs to be mentioned here. There is no corresponging lightwave for black color and white color. Human eye indicates that object is white, if object reflects (or emits) all possible visible light waves. And in contrast black is indicated if there is no lightwaves. Mirrors are manufactured out of aluminium. Aluminiums is used because of it's suitable physical properties, and because it is almost white. Yes, aluminium is not perfect. It would be more better if aluminum was white. If you look …

Difference between 'made of' and 'made from'

I came across this linguistic question - is there a difference whether i say 'made of' or 'made from'. And sure it is!
Here is an example to illustrate the difference: An ice sculpture is made of ice, because you can still see the ice.
Wine made from grapes, because you cannot see the grapes anymore.

Reason for not celebrate your birthday?

It's kind of funny to wach commedy where nerd is explaining why he is not celebrating his birthdays, and finding out that you are doing that for exact same reason. Allright, check it out. And after waching it may be you will want to join to our subset of oddish humanoids, too.

The Air I Breath. Movie.

This movie is about crime, love and unchangable destiny.  As far as I can tell - one of my favorite movies, with an excelent scenario, keeping attention tense until the very last minute of the movie. I've never seen Brendan Fraser playing so expresive and spectacular as in this movie ever before. He performs rough blackmailer working for his boss (Andy Garcia), known as finger-man because he collects fingers from his debtors, who can not pay their debts. Brandon Fraser works for him, because he can see the future, and thus is invincible in any fight. And Sarah Michelle Gellar  perform a new singer, kind of naive and stubborn, adding an interesting contrast to all story. If you really want to receive most of this movie, then i should stop here now. As a little teaser for you I've created a little movie. Check it out!

Adding a cold water to tea

This morning i was making a tea. I heated up the water, till it started to boil. Usually instead of filling full cup with very hot water, i fill only half, because the rest i fill with cold water, so the tea is not so hot.At the moment, when hot water was poured into the cup, i decided to go to check my email. And then suddenly curious question popped up into my mind.
Curious question: In which case the tea will be hotter?
If I add a cold water and go for 5 minutes to check my mail
orIf I go and check my mail for 5 minutes, and when returned, add a cold water
The answer is not obvious. Because in first case difference between hot tea and room air is greater, and thus energy will flow faster away from the cup. And on the other hand, in the second case the surface between tea and air is greater, so again it means that energy flows faster away.
I did a few calculations to find the answer.

It turns out that it is very important what shape is your cup is in. And also the temperature of cold wate…

Beauty of planet Earth

Beauty of the world. No comments.

Click on image to watch this amazing Youtube video.