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Project "Timelapse"

What happens if you place camera on top of a motor? And then take a picture and rotate a little, wait a few seconds and repeat... for several hours.

Find more about my DIY project here
Project "Timelapse"

Ubuntu detach task from terminal

Here is a little tip for Ubuntu users.
If you run a process from a terminal then as soon as you close terminal, the process will close as well.
Do detach a process from terminal execute:
$ yourtask &

and when process launches, focus back to terminal, press ctrl+z. This will bring you the prompt again where you type:
$ disown
which will do the detaching.  Now you can close the terminal and process will not be killed.

How to remove all stared items from Google maps

Whenever I go some place unknown to me, I put stars on the Google maps by right clicking and selecting "what's here", and then checking a little star so I can easily find the place on the map latter. It's cool feature because stared places automatically synchronizes between all your devices. So after you have left your computer you check the mobile device if  you get lost for some reason.  However the problem is that what once was convenient, now has become bothersome because map get's populated with stars very quickly, and instead of helping I'm stuck at looking at map which has so many stars that it resembles cold winter night far outside the city.
There is a way to remove it which intuitively seems the right way by clicking on the down triangle and selecting delete, but - boy there is a confirmation dialogue and and doing this for every star in your "milky way" is just not worth it.
So the other, much faster way, is to just unckeck the little ye…