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Installing Intel Drivers For Motherboard

So, yesterday i was installing chipset drivers for Intel i845G motherboard. And this is what i get instead of expected license. HAHA, looks like that big boys make mistakes also.

Outbrain rating system

Outbrain is a rating system for blogs and WEB site engines. It supports almost all most popular blogging engines, e.g. Blogger, Wordpress, TypePad as well as some content manegement systems such as Drupal.It can be easily installed, and do not require any programming skills. Today, Outbrain has become one more language richer -i.e. Latvian.
It took about a month from the moment I send them translations to the moment when it was implemented to the system. I still wonder, how people can invest time and money to create such a rating system and not asking money for that.

Maximize profits regardless of the social and environmental cost