Learn Actors Quiz Game

So i finished the Learn Actors Quiz game. I had more than 300 downloads but Google Play reviewer decided to suspend it. So I needed to do adjustments and publish it again as a new app. Therefore I lost all the ratings. Nevertheless I also removed in app purchases so now all the content inside the game is free. I also added quiet a few nice updates. Will see how it progresses in cumming months.


Anonymous said…
apsveicu ar padariito kaa teiktu amerikaanji good job vai arii you did it really did it
par paareejo iesaku paaraak nesatraukties jo iesaakums ir iesaakums bet viss buus kaartiibaa arii ar visu googke play jo viss aizies
kaa arii buus atkal jaunu ideju gjenereeshana un realizeeshana tikai uz priekshu un viss ne soli atpakalj jo tikts ir taalu
Paldies par labajiem vārdiem :)

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