Is universe infinite?

The short answer is we don't know for sure, but most likely it isn't. And todays most popular theories will suggest that it isn't. So is there a border somewhere? Well, according to the big bang theory, there is a border, but not only for matter. Big bang theory suggest that universe is expanding it's space-time,
So imagine a glass full of water. Now answer the question - What's in the glass? Well.. one could say the glass is full with water. Correct! Now empty the glass and ask again, what's in the glass? Well now one could say the air is in the glass. Now imagine we pump out all the air that's in the glass. Now what's in the glass? Well one can clearly see that light shines though the glass, so light is in the glass? Correct. Now you cover the glass so light can't get though. What is now in the glass? You are absolutely correct - the space is in the glass. And it's that space that's expanding. According to Einstein space is directly tied with time something called - spacetime. So we currently believe there is a border of a space time and nothing. Well, we aren't very sure about the details yet.

Physicists, unlike mathematicians don't like infinity. Even in mathematics, infinity is not a number, but a theoretical concept. If universe was infinite it would cause many problems. You see if universe is infinite it means that it contains all possible things. If you want to find green rabbit with seven legs that can talk fluent French - in infinite universe it must exist. You just need to keep searching, and eventually you will find it, because it's infinite, you just keep going and going and going until you meet such creature. If universe is infinite there must be some creature that has find a way to destroy all the universe. However universe is not destroyed, therefore this means, that nobody has invented how to destroy universe, therefore it means that universe is not infinite.

There exists another interesting theory called holographic principle, which states that information about all the things around us are actually stored on a border of expanding universe, and feeling of 3D space is just an illusion. It is a very new theory and is currently nothing more than field of interest, but if there are advancements in this theory, that will mean that it will completely change our view of how we perceive things about our home - the universe.


Anonymous said…
Kursh gan ir teicis, ka shaadu "muusu maaju", kaa Tu raksti, ir tikai viena ?!!! Ir arii "kaiminji" un "kaiminjmaajas".
jekabs karklins said…
Ļoti iespējams, ka mums ir kaimiņi, kas dzīvo parelēli laikā tādā lai mēs tos varētu apciemot. Nesen taču NASA ielaida staciju orbītā, kas meklēs tieši šādas vietas visumā. Tiesa gan visticamāk ka pirmie mūsu atradumi, ja tādi būs, būs vienšūnas organismu un baktēriju formā :)
Ilze Bleidele said…
Ar nepacietību gaidu, kad būs rakstam turpin ājums.
Vai tāds būs ?

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